Industrial applications are some of the most challenging environments. From harsh conditions and corrosive materials to end product quality demands, often the variety of logistical and physical considerations seem nearly insurmountable. Starwell Automation embraces the challenge.

The Machines & Pumps are built to withstand the harshest environments over long periods of time. While corrosion and diminished functionality are major concerns for Machines & Pumps handling saltwater, brackish water or wastewater, with Starwell, the concerns are mitigated.

Machines & Pumps are ready when you need a new pump or drop-in replacement centrifugal pump. Standard delivery is only 1 week for marine and industrial centrifugal pumps. Downtime is costly and Starwell understands the need to have your equipment up and running fast. It’s why we have the broadest selection of Machines & Pumps to fulfil any centrifugal application.

Starwell uses corrosion-resistant materials, advanced sealing mechanisms, enhanced design for durability, specialized impeller design, and thermal and environmental protections in its Machines & Pumps to maintain functionality in harsh environments. These features ensure the pump’s longevity, resistance to abrasion, erosion, and chemical exposure, and effectively manage temperature variations and environmental stresses.

Starwell Automation addresses corrosion concerns in Machines & Pumps using corrosive materials by using high-quality materials, specialized Machines & Pumps designs, robust maintenance and service plans, and continuous improvement. They use corrosion-resistant materials like stainless steel, mitigate damage, and engage in research and development to improve Machines & Pumps performance and longevity in harsh environments.

Starwell Automation addresses harsh environment issues by building Machines & Pumps designed to withstand challenging conditions, such as corrosion resistance, ensuring prolonged functionality in harsh environments like those handling saltwater, brackish water, or wastewate.